Extreme Sexual Dimorphism in WoW: Is it a style or is it sexist?

Determine whether you believe the exaggerated physical differences between genders in World of Warcraft is innocent and is due to the company’s herculean style, or they choose to depict men as much stronger than women and women much thinner than men. For instance, the female pandaren is not as fat as the male pandaren.

  • An interesting topic. If you break down all the comparisons into a systematic discussion it would be really interesting to look at the trends. For instance to see if they have made any real racial substantive changes or just used stereotypical forms every single time. I'd would be interesting to know if the designers have ever commented on this also. – SaraiMW 5 years ago
  • Excuse my ignorance, but I'm completely clueless about World of Warcraft, although I comprehend the gist of your statement. I suppose the difference in stature between the men and women in WOW really comes down to the marketing angle; what the money men think will sell, which is ironic when we consider how often 'gamers' are portrayed in films as overweight males who seem to live on pizza! Stereotypes be damned! It's an interesting topic suggestion and you have my vote. – Amyus 5 years ago

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