Fandoms: A Loss of Self?

Recently with the rise of pop culture and social media, I believe there are countless of examples of people either copying characters from things they see online, television, etc. There is a rise in activities such as cosplaying, fanfiction, fanart, and most of these are done to pass time and it is a harmless hobby. However, does this lead to obsession and an overall loss of self? Many people are even starting to emulate those they relate to or look up to in movies or shows, could this potentially be dangerous in trying to establish one’s own personality, expressions, and interests?

  • I think this topic has the potential to really touch on timely, controversial topics in online communities. When we talk about identity, we should be careful not to engage in gatekeeping or prescriptive assignments; meaning, online fan spaces are created for the sole purpose of sharing a passion in the hope of not being judged for it. "Loss of self" is a strong term for what may be a part of a larger process of self-discovery and development, especially because these fandom spaces often are created by and catered to children, teens, young women, mentally ill folks, and LGBT+ folks. "Otherkin" is a phenomena worth exploring but in a respectful way. I would encourage you not to write on this topic unless you are willing to approach it from an academic and whole-heartedly respectful perspective. – Eden 2 years ago

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