Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them & More?

Fantastic Beasts was the long-awaited fantastical prequel Harry Potter fans wanted over the many years since the finale of the 7-part series came to life in an 8th movie in 2011. Talk about the things it did right: made us feel included in the Wizarding World, despite the fact that it wasn’t the British one we knew and loved, introduced us to a new environment we had never dreamed existed, as well as gave a face to a character whose name we knew but couldn’t match. But also, what did it do wrong? The other question here is what else do we, as fans, want to see? A Marauder’s movie, obviously, but what else? Now that Pottermore has given us a new Wizarding school, Ilvermorny, do we want to see that in action? Explore the possible routes the Wizarding World could take.

  • Personally enjoyed the movie, but thought the setting did not impact the story meaningfully. The wizards Newt encountered did not strike me as holding particularly "American" values or history. Perhaps that wasn't in demand from other fans? – C8lin 5 years ago

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