Fantasy in Modern Day

I have been obsessed with things like Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Star Wars, YA Fiction, vampires, angels, mythology etc. The list doesn’t end for me, and recently I have noticed an increase in these topics for books, t.v. shows and even merchandise like leggings, pop dolls and board games. Someone should discuss if this is due to the rise of geek culture, fandoms, book sales, younger viewers, more information on them or whatever it is that is creating this surge in these things appearing.

  • Ithis is a great topic of discussion because I also am a big fan of anything relating to fantasy fiction, Syfy and fantasy and I think one reason for this is because people of modern-day society are unable to express themselves freely or be allowed to think creatively out in public or in certain situation thereby causing them to let their imagination run wild in the fun creative and mystifying world of fantasies. – folkes16 5 years ago
  • I agree, there is a great more freedom for people to dress up and express themselves, but I hadn't thought of it this way..would be interesting to read! – AbbyMay 5 years ago
  • Hmm...be careful with this - just because you are noticing it does not mean there is a statistically traceable increase. For instance, yes there is more fantasy/sci-fi TV, but when you look at the increase of the actual number of TV shows available now then statistically there are no more of these niche shows than before. I would do a fact check first on this. – SaraiMW 5 years ago

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