Fate, Love, and Development in Re:Zero

Many people seem to have dropped Re:Zero due to hating the protagonist, Natsuki Subaru. He is overly headstrong, impulsive, selfish, and powerless – not the most common traits of a protagonist in action anime. But what people hate about Subaru the most is his greatest triumph of the anime, that is overcoming his pride and knowing when to ask to help and rely on others. He literally feels like a protagonist of his own game and even references his chronic reincarnation as returning to a "save point", and it takes him until the tail end of the series and much suffering and death to come around, past the point that many deemed him insufferable and stopped watching. Exploring and analyzing Subaru’s character and the show’s themes, along with a second analysis of the anime’s effectiveness in conveying its messages, would be interesting to see in either justifying premature stoppage, or urging people to "suffer" through his journey.

  • I'm interested to write about psychological anime. I'm picking this topic as my first article on The Artifice! – MC07 4 years ago

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