Female "Appetites" in "Sex and the City"

In “Sex and the City” food and restaurants not only provide a space of community in which to strengthen social, predominantly female, bonds but also come to mirror the ladies own sexual “appetites”. The four main characters gather at restaurants to discuss their problems, heartaches, successes, and their careers etc. At the heart of each episode are these scenes; no matter what the characters are doing, they will always find time to come together over a meal. For all New York divides, in terms of neighbourhoods, space, etc. “Sex and the City” argues that it is through sharing food that female solidarity can be achieved. Finally, the show’s obsession with food and restaurants extends to the main thesis of the show: that women can have sexual desires the same as men – thus, subverting this cultural idea that women have to curb or control their sexual "appetites" to be proper women. The show also subverts the typical discourse the market where women are consumed by men, and instead constructs men as commodities as well.

  • I think what could also be mentioned is whether or not Carrie having a sex column is connected to the girls' obsession with talking about, and objectifying men over food. While this may delve into another topic it would be interesting to analyze how the 4 chore women's roles would differ together if one of them were never present. For example, does Charlotte's old fashion sensability keep the group of friends grounded? – georgianer 8 years ago

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