Female Films and Third-Wave Feminism

In response to the lack of women helming projects in the film industry, the last few years have seen a proliferation of popular female-fueled movies. Many of these films, such as Kirsten Wiig’s Bridesmaids and Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, are raunchy comedies bent on proving that women can do the same thing as men. Feminist films like Mad Max and the upcoming female-cast Ghost Busters might mark a change in the tide, but we still aren’t seeing nearly as many women making movies and taking home awards as there are men. Are contemporary female films sacrificing seriousness to make a point about feminism?

  • Don't just single it out to comedy genres. There are other serious roles that woman have come to play in the industry. Interesting question at the end to ponder, but don't make the question so broad "contemporary female films" is alright but what about adding a genre so people can view your insight more profoundly. Again concept is very interesting and Mad Max is a great movie! – scattaharris 7 years ago
  • I would agree with the above comment, and reiterate the need to narrow down the topic. This is HUGE at the moment and very important, but if you don't define your scope you may get lost in it. At the minute, I'm not exactly sure what your thesis is, so I would work to solidify it into one-two sentences. If I'm right in guessing that you're interested in why there seems to be a gap in "serious" leading roles for women, I think you also really need to define what you mean by "seriousness." Satire, for example, as a comedic form has some weighty aims. – mlpereira 7 years ago

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