Films that should have ended with their alternate endings

The alternate ending for Clerks would’ve been pretty interesting, even if it was a downer, I still remember being very shocked about that alternate ending. And as a Rocky fan, I would’ve loved it if Rocky Balboa had that alternate ending, I was actually expecting to end that way.

The Thing’s original ending would’ve been great, I did like the other alternate ending with the but I much prefer the current ending where it just leaves you hanging, that ending still has people debating it. Training Day would’ve been pretty interesting to see but I remember Denzel didn’t want it to end that way, he’s pretty much responsible for Fuqua going with the ending in the film.

Fatal Ataction’s original ending is incredibly downbeat , but the real one seems clich├ęd and generic (not sure whether it already was back then or has just become in the years since) – the original ending would have at least been different from the majority of other movies where the ‘ good ‘ character lives happily ever after and the ‘ evil, crazy ‘ person is ‘ defeated ‘ (yes, I never had much sympathy for the male character in this film).

  • If you are looking for movies with better alternative endings that the actual ending, I recommend looking at the alternative endings to "I Am Legend" and "First Blood". They are really interesting endings that are really sad, unlike there actual endings they got. – Aaron Hatch 7 years ago
  • Would be interesting to see how World War Z, or other production with troubled histories, would have turned out. Look into some of the most notorious production stories to delve into this subject. – Thomas Munday 7 years ago

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