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Fitzgerald's America

What sort of America is represented in F.Scott Fitzgerald’s literature?

  • Since work on Fitgerald often evaluates the era he was writing in, it would be intriguing to read an article that veers off in an odd, fresh direction. – jennewymore 7 years ago
  • Fitzgerald's depiction of America is the representation of old money and new money through the glitz and glamour of clothing, parties and automobiles. It gives the readers the image that America is a shallow society that gives attention to consumerism. – maricsat 7 years ago
  • Flappers and WWI comes to mind – crispychips 7 years ago
  • Most of his texts focus on his own lifestyle and the people he associated with. How about talking about Meyer Wolfsheim (hint: Arnold Rothstein)? – mimz3 7 years ago

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