Four French Films that are NOT Amelie

Introduce some French films that give the feeling of being in France without having to watch the over-watched Amelie. Many Americans or non-French may not realize that Audrey Tatou isn’t the only captivating French actress and that there are several other lovely films that have this same romantic, Parisian feel.

  • This is a very generalised topic, you would have to narrow it down. If you are focusing on French actresses, how about Juliette Binoche? She is well known to both French and International audiences. It would give the article structure in reference to Audrey Tatou. – Ryan Errington 7 years ago
  • What do you think about dividing into two different articles? The first, four French films that are just as good as, but less known as, Amelie. The second, five French actresses who star in French and international films. – Felicia 7 years ago
  • I thought Marion Cotillard is more overrated than Audrey Tatou! I agree with Ryan's comment above. Maybe focus on the works of selected actresses and go from there. Talking about good French films in general will probably take up a whole encyclopedia. – Arlinka Larissa 7 years ago
  • The others are right, this topic would be too large to handle. Also, any film made in France will give you the feeling of being in France! :D If you want to focus on French 'atmosphere' and the specificity of the country's lifestyle rather than specific actresses, how about older films as well, or the French New Wave? If you are looking for typical (and stereotypical) French settings then you can find plenty in that category. For the less typical ones, look at Bunuel, Jaques Demy, Bertrand Blier... Also, what about French films that show the 'not so polished' side of France? The issue of Paris vs. the suburbs for example. In terms of famous comedy you have The Intouchables and a more serious film like La Haine. But these are only the internationally famous ones, have a deeper look – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 7 years ago

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