From Barney Stinson to Phoebe Buffay: are the ‘funny characters’ of sitcoms the most important character?

So much dialogue and screen time is given to the funny characters of sitcoms. And when something bad happens to them, so much emotional weight is worked into that scene. Discuss the importance of funny sitcom characters – are they the most important character, even the main character…?

  • In my opinion, as Barney's storylines became more and more prevalent in How I Met Your Mother, the show began to decline in quality. The later seasons of How I Met Your Mother, especially seasons 7-9 focus a lot of attention on Barney and his antics, to the detriment of the show as a whole. There was a better character balance in the earlier seasons of the show. – Sean Gadus 4 weeks ago
  • Too exclusive and amerocentric. I suggest broadening your horizons and considering sitcoms from other countries. – Amyus 4 weeks ago
  • I agree that in the topic you might want to provide some sort of explanation as to why you think those characters are the most important. I think this is a good topic though! – CatBeeny 2 weeks ago

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