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Future Classics

Which books written in the last 50 years will hold up as classics for generations to come? We have those authors and books that we mark with each decade, so which authors and novel will mark our generation? Stephen King and J. K. Rowling are two that jump to mind.

  • I don't know that Stephen King can be considered a "future" classic, considering many of his early short stories are already widely anthologized. However, I suspect there are a number of authors available to consider, and would recommend perusing graphical novels, such as "Fun Home" by Allison Bechdel. They haven't been prolific in past days, but are receiving a fair bit of respect from relevant critics and deserve a little more public attention. – Christopher Vance 7 years ago
  • Look to Pulitzer Prize winners. I recommend "The Pecan Man" and I am certain that "The Alchemist" will make that list as well. – orenhammerquist 7 years ago
  • Maybe some of the works of Neil Gaiman? – Arlinka Larissa 7 years ago
  • Ursula K. Le Guin is an author that should be remembered in my view. – Travis Kane 7 years ago

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