Gaming Kickstarter Success Stories. A Look at How Kickstarting Games is Changing the Industry

The title says it all. Look at how kickstarter is bringing back some old titles via fan support. Whether its directly like Shenmue or spiritual sequals like Yooka Layle kickstarter is allowing more games that fans really want to come back. The author should look at some of the fail stories as well to show its not all perfect.

  • In terms of video games, Kickstarter has also bolstered the indie scene and dramatically changed the market; Jotun and Broken Age are notable examples of successful crowdfunded video games, both now very successful on Steam and award-winners. A number of *new* games in addition to old ones wouldn't have existed sans the website, and a larger share of the market now includes indie titles thanks to crowdfunding - it's a new source of competition for long-standing companies like Nintendo and Sega. Board games are another topic to consider as well, although probably not within the same article. – Apdenoatis 7 years ago

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