Gilmore Girls: The Return

It was recently announced that Gilmore Girls will be returning on Netflix. What does this mean for the characters? This is especially important now that Rory and Lorelei are older and the fact that the actor who portrayed Richard Gilmore, Edward Herrmann, has passed. How will the new storyline be different?

  • I wonder what they will do with the grandfather since the actor passed away recently. I am still to this day obsessed with this show, so I would love to read this article reviewing it! – Nof 7 years ago
  • I never got into the Gilmore Girls...everyone on my FB feed is freaking out about it. This is something they should read. – laiineylaceup 7 years ago
  • while we do have all these questions about the supposed reboot, what will this article be about? will it be accusations of what could happen based on the past series? or just examine pieces of the show and how amazing it is? – madistyle94 7 years ago
  • I think that the next four episodes will be great for those who were left with questions, but it might open up some wounds for those who loved the Gilmore Girls series, making them want more. The unfortunate event with the Grandfather passing will be an affect on the revival episodes, but I think that the story line might have a more grim atmosphere in the next four revival episodes. – HannahRd 7 years ago
  • I think this is a great topic! It will be interesting considering the age differences. We will finally be able to see how the characters, especially Rory, have dealt with the later stages of life. – katiebaker12 7 years ago

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