Google Stadia and the pros and cons of a streaming only gaming device.

Yesterday, after much speculation and rumors, Google announced "Stadia" its streaming only platform designed for gaming. Looking at the announcement that google made, the article would examine the pros and cons of Google’s approach to gaming. This article could examine streaming benefits and downsides, the integration of other technologies (Youtube will be built in to the platform) and the potential benefits and downsides for consumers and developers.

  • I'm surprised that "Stadia" isn't receiving more attention on this platform because the technology is poised to impact several aspects of video game entertainment: playing games, streaming games, watching others play, purchasing games, jumping into other streamers' games mid-play, immediately finding walkthroughs, and many more. I know that one of the main drawbacks being heavily discussed is the potential for lag and latency with cloud streaming, but I don't personally know the specifics regarding the technology and specifications needed to run it smoothly. I do hope someone with more information and understanding of the technology will take on this topic because if it is successful, it's certainly has the potential to change the landscape of video games in some dramatic ways. – Aaron 5 years ago
  • With Google's recent Stadia E3 Presentation, there is a lot more information to add to this potential article. Could also include the ideas about xCloud and Bethesda talking about their cloud capabilities as well. – JagoCarithian 4 years ago

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