Great Movie-Based Video Games

An article discussing the greatest movie-based video games. Some to consider including:
– Alien: Isolation was a fantastic surprise. Really enjoyed that one.
– The Riddick games have also been very good.
– Wallace and Gromit: Curse Of The Were Rabbit

  • in this case the bad would out way the good, just make sure you are prepared to address certain arguments your audience could throw at you – DoctorAgency 7 years ago
  • Two axis of "good" in play here -- the playability of the game, and the extent to which it conveys the sense of the canon it's portraying. Part of the issue with movie-derived games failing in the marketplace is that they have to be good in both ways. Might be interesting to use examples of games that succeeded in one way but not in the other. – Monique 7 years ago
  • Also, what elements made these more successful/better to play over other movie to video game adaptations? While many superhero games fall short, why are the Lego adaptions more successful? – Liz Watkins 7 years ago
  • Some good movies based on video games... yeah, definately have to include Prince of Persia and the Resident Evil saga (with the exception of the second to the last one). – jmason8 7 years ago

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