Han Solo: The Strength of the Anti-Hero

Despite Luke Skywalker being the main character in the trilogy, Solo is equally popular if not more so. Explore the dynamic of Han and why this builds upon his popularity.

  • Well that's because he has got more entertainment in him. He's unapologetic and fun. He's The Dude from the 70s - funky and very vocally, money-minded. No doubt people dig him. – Akilan 7 years ago
  • He is the most dynamic of all the characters in the trilogy, which makes him more human and allows the audience to relate to him the most of all the characters. Luke and Leia are admirable, heroic characters from the start. Their resolve never falters and their honor is never doubted. Solo, on the other hand, goes through quite a transformation. He begins as a selfish man out for his own gain and ends up as a hero capable of teamwork, friendship and love. – Visenya 7 years ago

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