Harem Manga: The Good or the Bad

What is the appeal of harem manga? In cases like Nisekoi, having too many female love interests hurts the story, as time is spent developing the love interests instead of moving the plot forward. As well, fan wars sprout on threads, because people argue which love interest suits the protagonist. Finally, is the ‘harem ending’ unavoidable or a cop out to make the fans happy? This article can use harem manga that do not work because of its genre, or focus on harem manga that are well-written because it utilizes the genre but stays unique in it’s own way.

  • Perhaps also mention the "gyaku-harem" (the reverse harem of one girl and too many male love interests), the contrasts, as well as the stresses and the headaches in having the relationship(s). – Quill 8 years ago
  • Maybe a discussion about the character at the center of the harem would be illuminating as well. It's usually an awkward, clueless, romantically/sexually inept boy and yet he has some of the most desirable women fawning all over him. That in itself is a sin of wish-fulfillment. – bookgirl7 8 years ago
  • I would say that the fan wars are part of what make manga popular. it can be incredibly fun to sit down with your friends and have a laughter filled conversation and debate over your favorite character. I think that controversy in harem animes and the lack of resolution actually makes the manga better. I do agree that too many characters detract from the plot however. – Jutor 7 years ago

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