Hatoful Boyfriend: Emotional Bird Dating

Hatoful Boyfriend is a visual novel with a twist — you are the last human on earth, and you attend a school for gifted birds. The goal in the game: get a bird lover. Hatoful Boyfriend seems, at first, gimmicky. It subverts the typical storyline of dating sims by adding talking birds. However, the game can quickly become emotional, mysterious, and even heart wrenching. Hatoful Boyfriend, with its amusing surface, can introduce the genre of visual novel to those previously unfamiliar with it. It has also set a precedent in the visual novel genre to create stories that expand on and add oddity to the typical high school setting.

  • First of all... I'm amazed someone is talking about Hatoful Boyfriend. When looked at in the right light it certainly seems to be a critique of dating sims. It would be interesting to look at how it is received... I tend to find it is used as satire amongst the people who have shown me it. I wonder if everyone perceives it that way though. – LondonFog 7 years ago

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