Historical Inaccuracies in Film

Many films that are based on historical figures, or entertainment features are often accused for making up specific parts in a persons life. Why does Hollywood do this? Some will say because it is to gives more drama elements, yet it still feels, in some sense, disrespectful to the person or people being represented. 12 Years a Slave is commended for it’s brutally accurate portal of black slaves in that time period, so why can’t more films do it. Also, is the film bad just because in is historically inaccurate? Braveheart has many historical inaccuracies, but it is still a good film for most people. Then there is Patch Adams, which is a really bad film because it misrepresents a famous brilliant doctor as a screw ball with no responsibility.

  • Really interesting topic! As well as talking about the parts that are left out, it would also be useful to consider which elements are emphasised in their place - usually romance! Why are we more interested in Stephen Hawking's love-life than his life and work? – Jessica Marie Farrugia 7 years ago
  • I agree with Jessica wholeheartedly; at what point do embellishments or exclusions make a movie's biographical subject completely alien to the real thing? You could also address documentaries which often are just as subjective as fictional movies. – August Merz 7 years ago

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