Hollywood vs Home: How We Influence What We See

Analyze the way in which the film industry has changed over the past 10, 20, or even more years, focusing on the ways in which the changes in audience preference have led to changes in Hollywood, and the films we see in today’s society. Consider the ways that society has changed over the years, and how as things become more/less prevalent in society, they become more/less prevalent on the big screen. Contemplate what drives current films to be made, and what impact we, the audience, have on these films. For example, pick a genre of film such as spy or superhero, and consider how they were filmed based on the times (ex. films made in WWII vs films made now), how the societal norms have changed (ex. more/new technology, civil rights), and how the political and social actions of the time period in which the film was made and how that played into the way the film was created.

  • Lily could you give some examples which may help clarify the direction you would suggest the writer of this topic should pursue? Thank you. – Munjeera 7 years ago
  • Of course! I just updated the topic with some examples. Thank you for your input! – LilyaRider 7 years ago

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