Horror films as entertainment

What causes people to enjoy watching horror films? Naturally, fear is an emotion meant to keep us away from danger. When it comes to horror movies many people choose to run straight towards fear and the skittish feeling it leaves its viewers with. Why are some people more affected by horror movies than others? In a culture where viewers anxiously await the newest release of horror movies, where did this culture begin and why?

  • I'm pretty sure this has already been addressed in studies and other research, at least in the general sense. However, it's always an interesting topic! To differentiate it from what's already out there, maybe the article could focus on a particular horror sub-genre or style. It could also be interesting to focus on the horror of particular countries or time periods (either individually or a comparison of two or more). And I've read that psychologically speaking, horror actually has several interesting commonalities with comedy, so that may also be worth exploring. – OBri 6 years ago
  • Check out Stephen King's article "Why People Crave Horror Movies". It's a short but insightful piece which reaches into the heart of man to discover the darker side of fun. King teaches the reader about their "anticivilization emotions". Should help with your question. – DKWeber 6 years ago
  • It would be interesting to bring violence into this, even if it's just a bullet point of the argument. What are we so fascinated with blood and gore? – daniellegreen624 6 years ago
  • Fascinating topic. I have always been interested in exploring this in more depth. I to have read Stephen King's article and have assigned it my courses. He makes many insightful points about the psychological desires of the human mind and its need for excitement mixed with fear. – egomez79 6 years ago

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