How Are The Simpsons Still Running On TV

Everyone loved The Simpsons in the good old days, but now everyone see’s the show doing nothing more than beating a dead horse. The show now-a-days may not be awful, but it has been on the air for far to long. Recently, Harry Shearer, the voice of Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders and more, has recently left the show. Could this be a sign that the show needs to just drop dead, so we can remember how good it was?

  • Someone really should attempt to explain this. Perhaps focus on how the glory days have helped keep the show on air so long due to mere legacy? – Joseph Manduke IV 7 years ago
  • I read a comment on an article on Harry Shearer's departure which was going on about how The Simpsons is like an old friend. You may not watch it anymore or as much as you once did, but it's nice to catch up every once in a while and to see how your old buddy is getting on. It's seen as a comforting thing to have something on tv for so long. – Jamie 7 years ago

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