How 'Back to the Future' has permeated pop culture

Back to the Future was one of the biggest movies of 1985 and certainly cemented itself as a cult favorite among popular culture. Director Robert Zemeckis inserts subtle references to this film in his more recent works, including a miniature flux capacitor visible in the cockpit of the locomotive in Polar Express, and a reference to the DeLorean vehicle in Ready Player One. Star Trek: Next Generation was another pop culture hit in the 80s, whose series finale took place among three separate timelines. Writers of the finale noted they were inspired by Back to the Future’s interpretation of time travel when writing the show. It’s soundtrack album is considered the ‘gold standard’ of tracks from Alan Silvestri’s iconic score intertwined with songs featured in the film, along with the original Top Gun album. Both Pepsi and Nike released special edition products in 2015, the year Marty and Doc jump to in the second film of the series: Nike ‘MAG’ self lacing shoes and a replica ‘Pepsi perfect’ in a glass bottle as seen in the film. Where else has Back to the Future’s legendary pop culture status spread to?

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