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How deep does one have to be, to be a literary artist?

Depth is an important concern for most literature enthusiasts. There are people who can write four pages on pounds, "In the station of the metro". There are others who see 14 words. As a literary artist, one should be able to understand, critique and create literary pieces. What if one cannot, but still has an intense passion for the arts?. Is there a level of depth required to appreciate literature?. Depth meaning, intense understanding, reading between the lines and cohesive interpretation.

  • Under Revision for the title capitalize I. – Venus Echos 8 years ago
  • Also, the apostrophe between the words "can't" and "but" should be removed. As for the question mark, it belongs more at the end of the sentence instead of a period. – dsoumilas 8 years ago
  • @Venus @dsoumilas Instead of adding a note, you should have just clicked the Reject button and then outlined your revision note there. – Misagh 8 years ago
  • Interesting choice of topic. Depth, meaning, subjectivity and the importance of passion would all be highly intriguing things to explore. – IRBurnett 8 years ago

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