How did Facebook become obsolete?

How did the largest and most successful social media platform develop a reputation as a place only for wine moms and your creepy uncle? The newest generation sees Facebook as obsolete. How did that happen?

  • I think I know where you were trying to get at with this topic, but your use of the word obsolete through off your intention....Instead focus on the major faults of Facebook, especially when it comes to the widespread infection known as 'Fake News'. Facebook is useful for a lot of reasons, but you are right to point out the faults of the site, i.e.: Fake News, stalking, internet bullying, etc...Do a little more research and tighten up your idea and you will be fine. – MikeySheff 5 years ago
  • It seems more like it has changed to a different type of social platform rather than becoming obsolete. There are still a billion users... – Nate OcĂ©an 5 years ago

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