How did montage parodies become popular?

One genre of web video that has been very popular over the last two years is the "montage parody." These videos involve intentional over-editing, flashing lights, air horns, and the use of many stock graphical effects. They were originally used to parody highlights videos by gamers, but now have become a genre unto themselves. How did these videos become popular, and what is their appeal? This could also be used to discuss how a parody grows beyond and breaks away from the original work.

  • Truly this could be an interesting study on the adaptation of trends on the internet. What makes the trend of "montage parodies" still relevant today? Most memes live a short life span and then are forgotten. Somehow, they have managed to cling to their fame thanks to a dedicated user base which congregates on the Reddit page r/Montageparodies. Excellent choice of topic. – Joe 8 years ago
  • Examples? – T. Palomino 7 months ago

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