How do you make the perfect video game?

The video game industry was stuck in a holding pattern until the recent rise of the indie game studio. The AAA studios know what to pump out to make money, but the majority of games released today lack the evolution and inspiration that games had during the first wave of 3D games in the late 90s early 00s. The rise of the indie game studio has brought minimalism and creativity to the gaming audience. With the exception of very few select titles, there seems to be no growth in the creativity in the industry.

Great games seem to rise from a consubstantiality between plot and gameplay. Bioshock (2007) is a classic example of this. The seamless integration of artistic vision, new gameplay methods, and story telling that questioned the nature of linear gameplay.

This begs the question: is consubstantiality in gameplay and creative innovation all you need to make a perfect game?

  • It could be helpful to bring up Destiny, which drew ire because it "could have been better," in some nebulous sense. – Kristian Wilson 9 years ago
  • To whoever picks this up: be sure not to confuse creativity with the perfection. There are many games that innovated in a way previous games did not, but ended up being an imperfect game. Also important to bring up would be to define what a perfect game would be. This one's a biggie. Best of luck to whoever picks it up. – Austin 9 years ago
  • I think "perfect" is a tricky word to navigate for whoever chooses to write about this. It's so concrete and universal that it is certain to draw some ire for certain readers and players. I completely agree with Austin in how he says to define what a perfect game would be. It might be more helpful to shift the focus on the opposite end...identify what's making these AAA studio games lack innovation and what other companies can take away from those failures in making more successful games. – Giovanni Insignares 9 years ago

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