How Horror Works So Well in Sinister and not in Sinister 2

Analyze how the direction in the first film succeeded tremendously in terms of both narrative, complexion, and horror. How did the second film in the franchise fail to live up to these expectations?

  • Sequels need to add on to the original, Sinister 2 was much of the same. – mkparker 6 years ago
  • Although viewers expected something similar to Sinister, they did not expect almost exactly the same. Sinister 2 failed to add anything onto the concept of the child-hunting ghoul. The only thing that was different was the family that was experiencing the haunting. I think the audience was excited for something new to be added onto the story, more information/background to be revealed, or an entirely new story line similar to The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, and Annabelle. – Marina 6 years ago

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