How long was Phil Connors Trapped in the Time Loop? (Groundhog's Day)

In the 1993 film Groundhog’s Day, Bill Murray’s character Phil Connors became trapped in an ever-repeating time loop, reliving the same events of a single day in a small Pennsylvanian town. But how long was Phil actually trapped? How many days, months, and years transpired as he became a villain, suicidal, and ultimately the (problematic) hero and broke free?

Does waking up next to Rita the next morning completely void their relationship because of his intimate knowledge of her due to his repetitive cycle of cheating his way into her heart? Oh, yeah, and let’s talk about why.

  • I feel that the writer should focus on the psychological aspects and the camus-ian aspects of this film. The spiritual undertones of this film would also be interesting to explore. – Lukasalive 3 years ago
  • This seems to be one of those movies that reappears often with someone looking at from a new angle. Perhaps focusing on how the movie is seen differently, years after it was first released can be the point of an essay. – Joseph Cernik 2 years ago

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