How "me" originates?

How "me" that experiences and interacts with the world originates at first place. Is not "me" simply a language driven phenomena alone? Could the process how digital identities on the internet are created, lead to some insights on how "me" originates. Or, could the motivations behind creating a pseudo identity as an author be insightful on this origin of "me".

  • You're gonna need a lot of Psychoanalysis here, specifically the Imaginary, Symbolic, and Real Orders. The theory goes that a small child who has not yet learned language thinks in the Imaginary realm. There are no others from which she must distinguish herself. Everything serves her, and everything is, therefore, an extension of herself. When the child realizes that other people are living, thinking, feeling beings that exist outside of her own consciousness and have their own consciousnesses, she much use the "I" signifier to distinguish herself from them. At this point, she has moved into the Symbolic realm: the realm of language. At this point, the Imaginary still exists, but only barely. The child still experiences the world via the Imaginary, but her communications about it - even her personal thoughts - exist in the Symbolic. – Kristian Wilson 7 years ago
  • This question has fascinated me for over a decade; researched and discovered the intersections of language, awareness and experience in #HowMÆOriginates; Psychoanalysis is more recent phenomena; answer probably is embedded in the thousands of years of human experience and knowledge; needs a documentary -;) to spread this knowledge about #HowMÆOriginates; Try replacing "I" with "eye" for a quick perspective shuffling; with the discovery of #gravitationalwaves "I" imaginary will probably shift to "L" listening for a experience -Charan – charanoshawa 4 years ago

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