How to minimize history bias?

MJ will always be greater than Kobe and Lebron, even if they became 1 super player. True detective season 1 was way better than season 2. It seems that no matter what subject is being discussed, whatever happened first will always seem better, and as a loophole if your losing the argument, the original was groundbreaking and a trailblazer to everything else. How can we learn to enjoy the newest experience like the older ones?

  • Love the idea of this topic, just be sure to have the first parts be based on supporting documents, ie, are there rating systems that gives MJ and True Detective Season 1 respective critical support over their follow-ups? Will definitely have to be researched thoroughly and not assume one is better than the other due to more publicity or publicity of audience favour. – smartstooge 8 years ago
  • I also love the idea of this topic, because I think enjoying "new experiences" like our old ones is crucial. NO matter what we do, it's new somewhere, to someone... so why NOT take it in and make every moment matter? – burchdm 8 years ago

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