How to Use Product Placement

In many films, the most recent being "Pitch Perfect 2," there are many obvious plugs for various companies (like the Beats headphones." For many, it is a turn; off because of how obvious the advertisement is (like it’s a commercial instead of a film). It is understandable that the film needs financiers, but isn’t there a way to make it less obvious?

What are some other films that have done this? Some films that have "good" product placements?

  • It would be interesting to find out the who, what and where on product placement. Perhaps, an example of the contractual agreement would be interesting to see who benefits the most. Also, what is the job title of the person who procures these placements. I have even noticed on HIMYM reruns that run in my area there are local advertisements Photoshoped into the show. For example, a calendar on the wall in Lilly and Marshals' apartment or table will have an add for a local restaurant here in town. I wondered who does this job and how the contracts work with these superimposed products in a syndicated show. – Venus Echos 7 years ago

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