Infographics: The Power of Story Telling

Explain how people perceive information visually and the effect infographics have on the average viewer. Attention spans have rapidly declined and people have become lazy when it comes to reading any form of information. Graphic designers use infographics to convey messages and important facts, making the information easier to understand and retain.

  • Very interesting idea! It might be helpful if you could define what an infographic was, this would be useful information to include. Also, the title is a bit misleading as it refers to story telling, yet the body of the topic doesn't mention stories, writing, or story telling at all. The topic is more about how people perceive and convey information. Rewording the title so it is more appropriate would help. – Megan Finsel 7 years ago
  • The brain can better absorb information integrated as a single image than it can a list of discrete facts. One helpful resource for this topic would be Information is Beautiful. – JLaurenceCohen 7 years ago

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