Initial Film Viewing vs Consecutive film viewing

Every once and a while you stumble upon a film you really enjoyed on first viewing but on consecutive viewing, you found issues and found your opinion of it faltering. On the other end of the spectrum, you have films that you didn’t get the first time you saw it but some time later you saw it from a whole new angle. What role these ideas should play in film discussion.

  • I would consider looking at the Member Berries from South Park, as they are a good example of what you're talking about. As Trey Parker and Matt Stone pretty much spent season 20 mocking people who get wrapped in nostaglia and ignore the faults of the past. I also agree with Samantha Leersen. I feel this idea needs more developing. I understand the basic idea of this topic, but that about it. – Blackcat130 2 years ago
  • The law of diminishing returns. I'm the opposite with music actually. Songs I love instantly tend to deteriorate in my opinion of them just as fast; songs that I don't like initially often slowly build to form an unfailing obsession with. That's unrelated, just a thought, but this topic sounds interesting though it would call on some hardcore psychoanalytic theory. – Hannan Lewsley 2 years ago
  • Sometimes I binge watch backwards. I watched SUITS after it ended and watched the last episode first and so on. It was so amazing. Backwards! That is my new thing. – Munjeera 2 years ago

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