Inside Out: what can we expect from the new Pixar?

After the release of a brilliant trailer, everyone waits impatiently for the next Pixar film to hit the theaters. Inside Out already looks different in terms of the story but familiar in style with what looks like amazing effects, at the peak of Pixar creation. What can we expect of the film? Why is the story so original? What do we think is similar to other films and made their success (humor, designs, sympathetic characters, adventure, themes…) ?

  • Because the film won't be released for a while now, It would be interesting to look at trailers, interviews, and behind the scene features to get a better knowledge about what the film could be about. You don't half to do this, but it would be interesting doing a before and after comparison of the film. – Aaron Hatch 7 years ago
  • Could relate this premise to the recent slump n Pixar properties and ascension of other Disney animation efforts (Frozen). – Thomas Munday 7 years ago

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