Is Art our way out of such a troubled world?

It is a common condition that creative and performing artists battle issues with self esteem and mental health on account of their work being typically seen as disposable. This actuality has become all the more lucid during the coronavirus pandemic, with theatres and live music venues quickly de-prioritised as an inessential service and little to no financial support given to those who rely on live performance as their main revenue.

Added to this, the social injustice, climate change, ongoing public health calamities and economic disaster which pervade the world often make it difficult for a performing artist to connect their skills and expertise to these wider issues and realise their purpose.
However, art is all about communication of ideas. Whether it be entertaining, emotional, educational or confronting, art has messages to convey, often powerful ones. Art has capacity to alter the consciousness of the individual, which, by extension, operates on a macro-level in society. Given this, artists in theory have the power to play a significant role in contributing to mitigation, even resolution, of many worldly issues today.

Thus, contrary to the despondence artist often feel, could a more appreciative attitude towards the creative and performing arts, with assistance from governments and mainstream media, unlock the wider potential artists have in making a meaningfully positive impact for humanity’s future?

  • Speaking generally, I love where your thoughts are headed, and I think it's crucial to consider what role the arts have in our lives and what role they might play in helping us imagine and bring about better futures. There's trouble with the word "art" itself though--it's simply far to broad and hard to define. There's also the risk of assuming that art is always positive, but art has been / continues to be used to spread hateful ideas as well as hopeful ones. With a narrower focus and attention to nuance, though, this could be a lovely article. – JaniceElaine 1 year ago

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