Is Competitive Video Gaming a Sport?

E-sports have been growing in popularity in recent years. Under branches like Major League Gaming (MLG), competitive video game tournaments fill entire arenas and are broadcast complete with play-by-play and color commentary. Its players compete for major prize money. Outlets like ESPN now dedicate reporting coverage to e-sports. Top video game players even have exercise routines and diets to ensure they remain at the top of their game. Many of them consider themselves to be just as much an athlete as any traditional professional athlete in sports such as baseball. However, well-known sports analysts regularly laugh in the face of this kind of thinking. Is competitive video gaming a sport? What qualifications must an activity meet to be considered a sport?

  • I believe MatPat of Game Theory has addressed this topic in one of his videos, if you haven't seen it yet. It would be a great source to start with. – kiahrhea 6 years ago

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