Is Django Unchained Offensive

Well Know director Spike Lee said that Django Unchained does a disservice to his ancestors, as black slavery should not be portrayed as a bloody western. That is a fair and reasonable point, but it makes people wonder if Django Unchained really is offensive. Is the films topic of slavey treated as a serious matter, or did Quentin Tanrantio do a disservice to the subject matter?

  • I believe that the topic of slavery was portrayed in a realistic way that does in fact, raise awareness into the treatment of slaves. I was especially appreciative of how the gender and race roles in that time period became evident. – brightcloud 7 years ago
  • Tarantino's films are known for being overtly violent, but not always because he wants to be realistic. There's something he's trying to do there that's worth exploring. You can also see that he portrays a main white character as extremely helpful and nonjudgmental towards black people at his own expense, while another main black character enables the mistreatment for his own gain. We have to understand that serious topics can be displayed in a strange style. You could do an analysis of what exactly is being caricatured here. Is this movie trying to downplay violence towards others (plenty of white people were brutally killed as well as black people), or is there something else he's getting at? – dannyjs 7 years ago

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