Is poetry underrated?

Poetry is such a unique and special art form. Is it underrated? If yes, why do you think this is the case? Is it because people don’t understand poetry so they don’t care to think or read it? or is it much deeper than that? Could poetry be a trigger for some or a potential escape?

For example, if you had the option to read either a poetry book or a fiction which one would you delve towards? I would say the majority would delve towards the fiction purely because they either don’t care about poetry (even though it is literally in our day to day lives as Samantha mentioned in song lyrics and music) or because they feel they don’t relate to the art. Unless you write poetry yourself or love poetry, a fiction book like Twilight would have the upper hand.

I guess my bottom question is what can we do to change this mind set? If it can be changed…

  • I think a discussion of music and song lyrics could work well in this discussion. Songs are essentially just poems. Through music people are consuming more poetry than they potentially even realise. – Samantha Leersen 2 years ago

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