Is Real Housewives comedy genius or have we forgotten what good TV is?

I have written on Real Housewives before but from more of a feminist perspective, I would love if another fan or critic who is familiar with the show to analyse one or more of the franchises. There are a number of scenes that I find hilarious, like when Dorinda, while clutching a Santa Claus onesie screams ‘I OWN SANTA’ at a naked Bethenny Frankel in fetal position, or of course the famous scene of Nene commenting on the white refrigerator. Can we call Real Housewives a legitimate comedy or does finding value in a reality show devalue tv?

  • You have a strong start here. Before exploring the topic further however, I'd narrow the focus. Trying to define a show as "good" or "bad" TV is too broad. It's also alienating, since it tends to send the message that anybody who appreciates the show in question has fallen victim to bad TV and is therefore stupid. However, you could easily draw lines between what you define as "comedy genius" and what you define as, stuff actors and producers throw on TV just for cheap laughs (tired plot lines or tropes, jokes in bad taste, jokes that were only funny in certain decades because now the context is old, whatever). – Stephanie M. 6 months ago

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