Is the Golden Age of TV Ending?

The last two decades have been referred to by many as the new Golden Age of TV. TV and streaming services have been trying to answer the demands of viewers, which resulted in Game of Thrones, The Leftovers, The Handmaid’s Tale, Stranger Things,
Westworld and Raised by Wolves. The realistic effects, teams of expert writers, and famous actors have spoiled us into wanting more.

Unfortunately, networks are struggling to keep up with the cost of hiring expert writers, famous actors and impressive sets and locations. In addition, networks continue to mergers that put new people in power. The cost and new leadership are the reasons behind the cancellation of HBO’s excellent Raised By Wolves. WarnerMedia and Discovery have merged, and the new company is planning on getting rid of expensive to produce shows. Unfortunately, that means replacing gems like Raised by Wolves with cheap to make reality shows. Are we going to see more and more of this until the Golden Age of TV has come to an end?

  • I'd argue that it ended a while ago. With the rise of binging there was no real way to discuss or dwell on media, to communally absorb it. GOT erased its cultural impact with the last season and most streaming content is ephemeral. – SunnyAgo 1 year ago

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