Is the youth becoming less work-efficient? The value of having an agenda.

It seems as though the work efficiency of the youth population is drastically decreasing through the passing of time. If so why might this be the case, and what can remedy this issue? The main issue is that youth feel a lack of complement to do work due to its decreasing necessity through the increasing comfort of daily life. Though it is great to have comfort in daily life, the lack of responsibility that comes with capitalizing on that life serves to devoid one’s existence of meaning. To begin taking more responsibility and become more work-efficient, one may look into the utilization of an agenda. Through which they can organize their tasks and order their duties in rank of necessity. By doing so, they will automatically implant the idea that there is work to be done within their minds and create an order for its completion. Becoming work efficient requires serious planning, and creating an agenda is an excellent first step!

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