Is there just too much good TV?

Anyone else a little overwhelmed by all the good TV? From Walter White jokes to understanding why Julianne Hough got in trouble for that pesky ‘Crazy Eyes’ Halloween costume, it seems that TV’s Golden Age has created a new cultural vocabulary. Are we all keeping up? Should we be trying?

  • Yes; but i think in this day and age; the public needs to be aware of the downfalls of certain tv shows reality or fiction. Also the tv that is out there is put out there for public consumption, it is our choice if we the public can filter whats too much for us or what we shouldn't watch or let our kids watch. – Dwrite 6 years ago
  • I think that something that may be of use to the topic would be to acknowledge how many good TV shows are being cancelled in favor of those that have been on for too long and are poorly written, simply because some people would throw fits if their shows got cancelled. A few good examples of this are Firefly, Forever, and Pushing Daisies. It seems like a lot of intelligent TV gets cancelled in favor of things that rely on cheap laughs and clichees. – Cate 6 years ago
  • When referring to "good" TV, it should be acknowledged that the addition of new mediums like Netflix and Hulu has affected the industry. Also, it could be helpful to analyze how much content is lifted (directly or indirectly) by the previous boom periods of TV shows, measuring how much success is copied from the trial-and-error already iconic programming – Dominique Kollie 6 years ago
  • In about '89 TV was such a brain- and time-sucker I stopped watching for 25 years. In truth, since we rented movies, I missed only sports playoffs. A couple years ago I was gifted a smart TV, added Netflxx, and it was off to the races. The race stopped quickly, however, as one of the first shows I watched was Breaking Bad, which has ruined me. The only show as good is the original Arrested Development. Life is short, good is the enemy of great, I don't want to be in a nursing home quoting Pauly Shore, and I've caught myself apologizing for programs – Tigey 6 years ago

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