It is seen that all Shounen anime main characters share the same characteristic, and why is this the case.

Analyze major 3-5 popular shounen anime, and compare what traits the main characters have. Do there share and similar characteristics, or are they all different? Would having characteristics that deviate from this reduce the anime quality?

  • Hmm, interesting. However, I think it is less fallacious to write; in all probability, protagonists within all shounen anime's share the same characteristic. If one were to state "It is seen." Then the sentence becomes subjective and not objectively valid as a statement. If one were to also write "That 'all' shounen anime." Then this is also amplifying the subjectivity of your statement. Of course, you cannot have 'all' anime analyzed by using an example of few. So maybe, change that up a bit to make it less ambiguous and this will make for a good topic. – Yasmine Allen 3 years ago

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