Journalism's "Conflict of Interest"

For the FT journalists and freelancers out there, what actually IS a conflict of interest and why are reporters and professors of journalists so opposed to it? If you’re passionate about anime clubs in schools or city-wide clean-up days, for example, and no one else in the newsroom is, should you write about one of those passions, or pass it off to someone else because of a so-called "bias"? What’s a journalist to do?

  • Investigative journalism does appear to becoming a lost art. The good news is since we have YouTube anyone can make the news or become the news. Case in point was the Principal's wife who returned a call to a high school students who complained when the school was closed down for a day. The students posted her tirade on YouTube and in this way created his own news, much to the chagrin of the Principal's wife who was quite insulting in her venting. – Munjeera 6 years ago
  • Journalism has always fascinated me, however there are some topics revolving around it that I haven't seen disected and discussed like "has journalism passed its peak?", "why is it becoming harder and harder to put your foot in the door be successful and be able to make a living at it?" And "why are prospective students being discouraged from following their passion for journalism?" – nnader 6 years ago

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