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Judging the Don't Judge Challenge

I’m not sure if this is going to be outdated, but a few weeks ago a new Twitter and Instagram trend has emerged, called the "Don’t Judge Challenge." This consists of videos of teenagers with glasses, drawn on acne and uni brows making faces at a camera. It then transitions into beautiful, made-up girls with their hair and makeup perfect, and boys with pearly white teeth and their shirts off as music plays in the background. This challenge has quickly turned negative, as it is only doing the opposite of it’s name. These teenagers, who appear to be flawless, are taking common and normal things- glasses, acne, and ungroomed eyebrows- and turning them into "ugly" and "undesirable" traits, which millions of teens struggle with and are insecure about. There have been many videos criticizing this challenge, which have generated millions of views across all social media platforms. This article/ topic can explore the challenge, why people are doing it, the backlash, and how it has spread negativity across the Internet.

  • I think that the time may have passed for an article based around this trend on its own, but a piece could perhaps discuss how web video culture naturally rejects those who may not be seen to adhere to typical aesthetic beauty and how this could be helped into the future, by using these videos simply as a major case study/example. – Matthew Sims 7 years ago

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