Just because you’re the main character doesn’t mean we have to like you.

Have you ever noticed that the most loathsome irritating characters in many TV series and movies are the main protagonists? What makes it hard for us to root for the main character. Better yet, do we feel obligated to like the main character?

  • I think looking into the new wave of flawed female leads that are becoming popular post-fleabag could be a really interesting way to look at a very relevant topic in contemporary tv. – mogiddy 6 months ago
  • There's been a lot written about likeability with female characters. Roxane Gay is probably the most famous: https://www.buzzfeed.com/roxanegay/not-here-to-make-friends-unlikable – ProfRichards 5 months ago
  • i think its really easy for protagonists to be one dimensional because eveything revolves around them, some people might think they don't need a personality because they're involved in all the action – lizawood 3 months ago

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