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Kaitou Le Vin: a manga with Mission Impossible theme

Most shounen or seinen manga theme which popular in public are about adventure, action, martial arts, horror or drama theme mixed with love or friendship elements. Reader can be expected hooked by story development or cliffhanger situation at the end of chapter and want to know what happen to main character on next chapter. This repetition theme is good for publication but get boring if mangaka unable to improvise his/her story into different level or story development. For example, Fairy tail or Case Closed (Dectective Conan). Nevertheless, those series still popular today due by their rich art.

Kaitou Le Vin, however, introduces genres that rare to be exploited, action, thriller and deception. The setting is similar to "Mission impossible" series but it only focused for rare wine. The story evolve around wine burglar group with same name. Each member is a specialist in their field, such as actor, tech geek, female fatale, jack of all trade and leader.

In addition, they are perform mission for good cause or gentlemen thief style. Their client often victim or original owner of target wine which lost the item ages ago and it fall into wrong hand today. It was Kaitou Le Vin’s duty to return the bottle wine safely into the client.

The first mission is good one and expect to be more exciting in next story arch.

  • Haha, what people will do for wine... – Tatijana 7 years ago

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