Lesser-Known Adaptations of The Office

When most people think of the mockumentary sitcom series known as The Office, they probably think of the version from either the United States or the United Kingdom. However, The Office is a multinational phenomenon, with at least eight or ten countries having their own home-grown adaptations of it, which they use to make fun of their own work cultures. What are some highlights from these international adaptations? How do they differ from their more famous English-language counterparts? Are there any adaptations that, in your opinion, do not receive the attention they deserve?

  • Interesting - could you give some suggestions? I think this would be a really interesting topic to break down - even if you went beyond the office and looked at representations of work places and the different cultural representations. I know the US is often over represented in this area, so it would be fascinating to see what other countries have portrayed as work place contexts. – Sarai Mannolini-Winwood 2 years ago
  • This is a really cool idea. I think bringing The Office into a wider discussion on generic conventions and formats across global media could be a fascinating lens. In what ways does each version differ based on cultural norms and practices; how do these differences map onto differences in shows like American Idol or other generic formats? – kkenny 2 years ago
  • Another direction you could go would be lesser-known adaptations of different shows and how producers choose what is "essential" to the format vs what should be adapted to the culture/language/location. This isn't the best example, but I've recently begun watching LegoMasters from different countries and its fun to see what's the same and whats different. – derBruderspielt 2 years ago

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